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hey Jade I was wondering what kind of microphone or recording thing that you use.

Well, I use audacity as a recording software. And I use a cute hand held microphone if that helps? You can get one for pretty cheap at Walmart.

I’ll give you five seconds to give me your number or you can forget about going out with me forever.

The hell? No thanks!

also... i was told there's a chance you'd probably ignore/respond angrily to me. i understand. you don't have to get in contact with me, but... if nothing else, i'm sorry jade. for everything. i should have been there when you needed me, and i should have tried to have been better to you. everything was my fault. it i was there, things would have been different. it could have been me and not you. i cried for hours when i saw it, you know. anyway, i'll leave you alone. if you ever want to contact

I still don’t know exactly who you are, but I think I’m starting to figure it out. I’m more than willing to get back in contact with you. Whatever happened is behind us, and it’s okay now. Please, before asking for forgiveness from me…learn to forgive yourself, and please come off anon.