Voca Jade Harley
Auditions are coming back around!


Here are the current members of the group and which parts are currently open:


The last set of auditions were of the first half of the prescratch trolls. 

Next are the 2nd half. I will be setting up the times for them very shortly. If you see any characters from the earlier castings that have no part, please feel free to audition for them at any time~ You will still have to do the normal auditioning rules and will have to send in a callback if you are asked too. For auditioning rules please read these in this link:


We look forward to hear from you guys!!! I promise to make a post showing the Audition times of the Pre-scratch highblood trolls

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Hehe~ So today is Jade Harley’s birthday..and also my creation day! Ironic huh? x3 Well, I’ll be doing some really awesome Christmas songs, along with the rest of vocastuck! so I hope you guys stay tuned! 

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 So it really has been a long time since I’ve been active. I took a long, unexpected break due to problems that resided within the group. Though the information is classified I’m going to be very distant from vocastuck, but I’ll still try to upload songs and such for it. Just because one thing or person bothers me, it’s not going to make me quit completely quit, even though I had almost done so. 

As for my next song, I’m currently working on it. I’m also doing voice acting projects that involve Mother 3, and Legend Of Zelda. And possibly Kid Icarus Uprising. (Seriously I love the Nintendo fandom in general, they’re so fucking nice.) I made a new Tumblr account and such, but you guys are gonna have to hunt me down to find me. :P Good luck guys!